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Dr Diallo

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Tonton Gilbert

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Chez Zeyna

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Is registration mandatory ??

No. To search for a professional, the operation is free, and therefore does not require you to register.

On the other hand, to reach millions of professionals in West Africa, we offer a simplified procedure for registering your establishment or your activity, reachable via the menu REGISTRATION

How to find a professional?

Enter a search argument in the first box.
For example:"coiffure" to find a hair salon

But you can also enter only the first letters of your search, so you can find more professionals who match this argument ...
For example, if you type " coif " you will find all the COIF FEURS, but also the lounges of COIF FURE, the COIF FEUSES, etc ...

Also enter the location of your search in the second zone, so as to limit the number of professionals who will be offered to you.

In the same way, you can enter only part of the address (the beginning or any part of it),by typing " mb ", you will find professionals from MB OUR, but also from MBAKE, MBORO and KHOMB OLE ...

And to find ALL the professionals ?

It's easy, you enter the only * character in the search box.
This also applies if you are looking for a professional, without knowing its exact location.
In this case you will enter * in the search box of the place.

Should I pay attention to the capital letters?

No, this directory does not take uppercase and lowercase!

So you will find our company KASUMAY-AFRICA, even if you type 'kasumay' in lowercase!

Where can i find more help ?

We provide a help forum at this address

You will be able to share information with all users of KASUMAY-AFRICA services. For this, you will need to create an user account using a valid email address.

If you do not own this personal email address, you can order one from the Kasumay web agency, which you can contact at this address: